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Welcome to Wonderopolis

Advertisements Here is an introduction to Wonderopolis. The task that has been placed on the post will connect you to so many amazing phenomena’s  and will lead you into a deeper thinking mode. Not only will you be explore Wonderopolis you will be having loads of fun on Voki. Let the fun begin. Go to the Wonderopolis website and start…


Homework Week 4 – Term 3 100 Word Challenge

Advertisements Week 4 Homework This weeks homework is a prompt that has five words. These must ALL be in your writing but can be in any order. If you could highlight them in some way, it would help those who visit to leave a comment. The words are: … Drum … Cornflake … Exciting … Lion … Danced … I…

Homework Week 1: What Should Mrs Joyce Tell The World About Kutoa While In Brazil?

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Advertisements Mrs Joyce To Present At Global Conference About Our Kutoa Classroom 3/4j this week Mrs Joyce needs your help. You all know that next week Mrs Joyce will travel to Brazil for the iEARN International Education Conference. Mrs Joyce will be presenting to teachers from all over the world  about the work we do in our classroom. Mrs Joyce…

Homework Week 3 – The World’s Best Kindergarden

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Advertisements The Worlds Best Kindergarden Take a look at the article and answer these questions: 1. What is so special about this kindergarden? 2. How is the kindergarden different to those in Australia? 3. Explain 2 things you like and 2 things you don’t like about this kind of kindergarten? Inside the world’s best kindergarten

Practicing Our Maths Skills: Maths Homework

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Maths to Challenge Our Brains

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Advertisements Hello 5/6, With our learning so focused around fractions in Maths, I thought we needed to just practice the four processes to keep our thinking fresh. I have posted the requirements here on the blog and you all should have a copy for your Maths books. This needs to be completed by Monday 26th, August. Enjoy!!!!

Look and Learn: Dhaka, Bangladesh

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Advertisements What Makes You Say That? 1. What’s going on? 2. What do you see that makes you say that? 3. What concerns do you have? 4. What is positive about what you see?

Look and Learn: Hechi, China

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Advertisements Why is this a hidden treasure of China? Why have tourists been more regular to this magical place during the heat waves? Can you write a simile for this picture?

Europe: Bristol Balloons – Look and Learn

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Advertisements What do you see? What questions do you have? What if the balloons started to pop?

Can you create a Descriptive Simile?

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Advertisements Homework Week 5 – Descriptive Similes   This week 5/6J you will have to use your learning of Similes to make your own descriptive Similes. Take a look at 5/6A’s video that Mr Andrew prepared to showcase his students work. His grade have created detailed and descriptive similes. Can you create a descriptive simile? Try and use powerful language…