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Gaogang China students spend the day with Mrs Joyce

Advertisements Students of Gaogang Primary, China are visiting our school. Today Mrs Joyce went with the teachers and the students to Tarra Bulga National Park and Port Albert Fishing Town. The students loved eating fish and chips and seeing the waterfall. Tomorrow Mrs Joyce and Mr Andrew will teach the students about Voki’s and Voicethread. Advertisements


Mrs & Mr Whitehead Share These Remarkable Images of Animals Native to China

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Advertisements Who Doesn’t Love Panda’s? KWL: Know – Want to Know – Learned What do you already know about this? What more would you want to learn? What is something new you learned by looking closely?

Mr and Mrs Whitehead visit Taizhou, China.

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Advertisements Mr and Mrs Whitehead are big fans of our blog. Here are pictures of them in China recently.  Ask Mrs Whitehead some thick questions about her pictures.

5/6J Welcome Delegates from Taizhou and Gaogang District,China

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Advertisements 5/6J can you teach our Chinese Visitors about Observing, Wondering and Inferring? Look at the images from the Gaogang District of China. Choose one of the images to examine closely in your Writers Notebook. Learning Intention: To be able to Observe, Wonder and Infer using global images of unfamiliar places. Success Criteria: Observe the image closely, finding key elements…

Global Friends Please Watch Ben’s Voicethread About China

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2012 iEARN China Wiki Project Complete. Congratulations Shi Mei Primary and 5/6J Liddiard Rd Primary

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Advertisements Thank You Shi Mei Primary Your PPT’s are Fantastic The students of 5/6J Liddiard RD and Grade 5 Shi Mei Primary Changshu, China have worked continuously for the past 6 weeks to complete an iEARN Learning Circle Project about Places and Perspectives. The students have skyped almost daily and have shared information through the Project Wiki. I know I…

Animoto of Mrs Joyce with the Students of Shimei PS China

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Advertisements Teaching in China.

We Love Skyping China Daily For Our learn Places And Perspectives Project

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Advertisements Places and Perspectives – 2012 iearn China Project

A New Web 2.0 Tool – Smilebox: Check It Out!

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