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Advertisements   The team at #OGC would like to make #OneWord2019 available for you to reflect on through the year. Record your word that reflects that you want to work on in 2019.  Share the story behind its meaning. As the year progresses you can update your word, review it or even celebrate its success. Today 5/6 students need to…


EDBED1016 -Views of Learning and Schools #OGC #Education @OGC2020 #Teachers

Advertisements How does the media portray views of learning and schools? How does this build community views of how people learn and perhaps influence what some people think should happen in classrooms? Lets look at some schools that learning might be seen as different and opinions might influence people in communities. Koonwarra Village School –   Kensington Community High…

Join Our Padlet To Discuss – What is learning? How do we know when we’ve learned something?

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Advertisements Lets Explore Learning What is learning? How do we know when we’ve learned something? Add you thoughts on these questions to this global padlet. Keep an eye on this weeks Padlet because I have sent a message to my educator friends all over the world to add their thoughts in this topic. Your answers will be visual for the…

EDBED1015 – Reading Reflection: Balancing risks & growth in a digital world, Using Social Media: assumptions, challenges & risks. #OGC #Digcit #@OGC2020

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Advertisements Henderson’s Assumptions, Challenges and Risks This week you were asked to read Chapters 4 and 10 for review in our tutorial. Today using Padlet you will add your reflections. The other lecturers across campuses are keen to see what your thoughts are. Reflect honestly and think about the benefits and challenges to the teachers, students and the community. This…

EDBED1015 – Digital Technologies Let’s Create A Webquest #OGC @OGC2020 #Education

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Advertisements To create a simple Web Quest, you will: Choose a level and curriculum content descriptor (or more than one) that you will be planning for. Find suitable websites for the children to explore the content you have chosen. Put it all together into a Word Document with Hyperlinks to the websites. Decorate the page so that it is engaging…

Mini Cities – Lets Create A Name For Our Town #OGC #OurGlobalClassroom #FunLearning #EconomicsInSchool

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Advertisements Lets Name Our Town Today 5/6J and 5/6A we are going to find the perfect name for our town. As we know Mrs Joyce loves finding new tools that will support our learning. After some internet searching she has found the perfect town name creator for you. You must place the region as Australia and the name to…

Ss Dive In Deep To Prepare Their Pecha Kucha Presentations about the Changing Earth #Inquiry #OGC #OurGlobalClassroom

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Advertisements Today 5/6J you will start putting your Pecha Kucha Presentation together. Lets take detailed look at the process and an example of what your presentation will be like. I feel so excited we are taking this plunge into something so different to present our inquiry findings. Here is an example of a complete Pecha Kucha presentation. The following website…

The Changing Earth – Inquiry Websites

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Advertisements Volcanoes Q1 How do volcanic eruptions effect the earth after the eruption? and Q2 How does the earth change during a volcanic eruption? Hurricanes Q1 How do hurricanes cause so much damage to communities? Q2 How can the earth be saved from being damaged by a hurricane? Global Warming Q1 How…

Cinquain Poem – Creating Magic In Writing Using Poetry

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Advertisements How to Write a Cinquain Poem What is a Cinquain? A cinquain – which, by the way, is pronounced “sin-cane,” not “sin-kwane” – is a form of poetry that is very popular because of its simplicity. It was created by American poet Adelaide Crapsey about 100 years ago, and is similar to Japanese poetic forms, such as haiku and tanka. Cinquains…

Poetry – 74th Street #Reading #OGC #OurGlobalClassroom

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Advertisements Students are to read the poem themselves and–as the first bullet point on the anchor chart suggests–read it several times.