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Welcome to Wonderopolis

Advertisements Here is an introduction to Wonderopolis. The task that has been placed on the post will connect you to so many amazing phenomena’s  and will lead you into a deeper thinking mode. Not only will you be explore Wonderopolis you will be having loads of fun on Voki. Let the fun begin. Go to the Wonderopolis website and start…


Think Critically Look to Learn: Central African Republic #L2L #GlobalEd #thinking #OGC

Advertisements Look to Learn: Central African Republic Observe – Wonder – Infer What do you observe in the picture? (What do you see) – Describe with evidence. Do not make an inference here. What do you wonder is happening in the image? What are the people doing? Ask questions What inferences can you make about what you can see in…

Thinking Critically : Look 2 Learn. See – Think – Wonder #globaled #OurGlobalClassroom #OneWorldOneClassroom

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Advertisements See Think Wonder What do you see in the picture? Use descriptive sentences to describe what you see. You might like to use these sentence starters: I see ….. Looking from the outside I view ….. My heart breaks as I see….. What do you think has happened here? Describe using powerful language.2What does it make you wonder? Record…

Reading: The long (and sometimes dangerous) walk to school – How Children Around The World Get To School #Globaled #Reading #Education

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Advertisements The long (and sometimes dangerous) walk to school 3/4J I stumbled upon this article and I was inspired to share it with you. We take walking to school for granted. We can ride our bike, walk or sometimes your parents will drop you off. For some children they do not have that luxury, they may be in war zones,…

Reading Global Websites – Let me introduce you to @kidworldcitizen

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Advertisements Kid World Citizen This week we will learn how to read a website. I would like you to explore a global education website. My good friend Becky Morales runs an amazing website that has great things for students, teachers, parents and anyone thinking globally. Here is the link For your homework I would like you to: Explore the…

Look To Learn: Should Tiger Temple Bangkok Have Been Shut Down? #connectingclassrooms #globaled #looktolearn

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Advertisements Wildlife officials relocating its 137 tigers, mostly Bengal tigers, amid charges of illegal trafficking, animal mistreatment by temple authorities. Thailand may close down its famed Tiger Temple, popular among Indian and foreign tourists, as wildlife officials have started relocating its 137 tigers, mostly Bengal tigers, amid allegations of illegal trafficking and animal mistreatment by temple authorities. In the first…

Look and Learn: Photo of the Month TeachUNICEF #Lookandlearn #education #globaled16 #globalclassrooms

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Advertisements Describe this photo. Where do you think this scene is located? What do you think is happening here? What connections do you see in this photo to your own life? How does this photo make you feel?   Source: 2016-07 POM July 2016 | TeachUNICEF

Ss Follow Up Their Learning On Myanmar By Sharing In The Work Of The @ArtolutionOrg Team #OGC #OurGlobalClassroom @JoelArtista #education #SDGs

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Advertisements Rohingya Refugees: Resilience Through Art! Choose one of the images from the website and place it on a Buncee. Answer the followings deeply. It will not be enough just to make a simple comment. Compass Points E = Excited What excites you about this idea of using art to inspire the Rohingya people? Explain with Evidence from the picture or…

Unpacking A Senses Seed — Iguana Vs Snakes – Earth Planet 2 #education #writing #globaled

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Advertisements 5/6J this is a horrible video but it is amazing at the same time. David Attenborough is a famous nature movie maker and he filmed this amazing piece on the Galapagos Islands. Today we are going to use this video thanks to Mr Andrew presenting it to his class, as a seed to write a descriptive piece. Here will…

What’s Going On in This Picture? #L2L #OurGlobalClassroom #OGC

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Advertisements 1. After looking closely at the image below, think about these three questions: • What is going on in this picture? • What do you see that makes you say that? • What wonderings would help you find our more about what is happening?