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Mini Cities – Lets Create A Name For Our Town #OGC #OurGlobalClassroom #FunLearning #EconomicsInSchool

Advertisements Lets Name Our Town Today 5/6J and 5/6A we are going to find the perfect name for our town. As we know Mrs Joyce loves finding new tools that will support our learning. After some internet searching she has found the perfect town name creator for you. You must place the region as Australia and the name to…


#globalgoals – 1. No Poverty – Ss Look to Learn Thinking Critically #sdgs #OurGlobalClassroom

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Advertisements This afternoon 5/6J we are going to concentrate on Global Goal 1 – No Poverty “In this new century, millions of people in the world’s poorest countries remain imprisoned, enslaved, and in chains. They are trapped in the prison of poverty. It is time to set them free. Like slavery and apartheid, poverty is not natural. It is man-made…


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Advertisements ANZAC DAY Welcome back 5/6J. Over the next couple of days you will prepare a mini research investigation to understand the meaning behind ANZAC Day. You will need to complete the following: Choose an investigation area. Research your topic area using key words. Prepare a double entry journal on a google doc – Facts/ Thinking Research your topic and…

I’m Mesmerised – On A Way To School Trailer #globaled #schools #education #inspirational #dreams

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Advertisements As I was exploring my resources for my class to reflect on, I stumbled upon something magnificent. This trailer captivated me, it made me think about what children do to get an education. How can we get this message across to our own classes here in Australia that education is their future? Watch and reflect as I did. Think…

Illegal Immigration To Australia – The Controversy #OGC #OurGlobalClassroom

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A brief history of immigration to Australia #Inquiry #OGC #OurGlobalClassroom

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Advertisements Today 5/6J we are starting are Inquiry about Immigration Across Time. I would like you to think about what you already know about Immigration and what you want to know. Then we are going to watch a video and learn some new things to help us in our learning journey.

Ss face the challenge of connecting the #SDGs to Real World Tourism problems.

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Advertisements What do you think are real world tourism problems the world faces? Lets look the following places: Uluru The Great Barrier Reef The National Park of Africa Antartica Lets link these tourism concerns with a UN Sustainable Goals

Inquiry: Being An Eco-Empathetic Tourist – Antarctica Tune In

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Advertisements Learning Intention: To gain an understanding of what Ecotourism is.   What is eco-tourism? Watch the video ‘What is Ecotourism?’  According to The Oxford English Dictionary, the word “ecotour” was first recorded in 1973, followed by “ecotourism” in 1982. There, the word is defined as, “Tourism to areas of ecological interest (typically exotic and often threatened natural environments), especially to…

Australia And Its Asian Neighbours – Human Rights & Opportunities For Girls #OurGlobalClassroom #Inquiry

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Advertisements Compass Points E = Excited What excites you about this idea or proposition? What’s the upside? W = Worrisome What do you find worrisome about this idea or proposition? What’s the downside? N = Need to Know What else do you need to know or find out about this idea or proposition? What additional information would help you to evaluate…