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Week #43(20)

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We have another suggestion from a pupil for this week’s prompt & as many of our schools are closing for the holiday, it is quite appropriate. It is:

…then it began…

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  1. The Maze
    I started sprinting through the maze, my heart rate sky rocketing, I can’t breathe but I can’t stop either. I start to feel dizzy, my vision blurring I run through a cold patch of air and I realize I am headed straight into a wall, I dash to the right careful not to fall. I decided to climb the walls, so I instantly start to climb the infested walls with overgrowing vines. I am almost to the top when I feel something violently grab my foot I try to break free but it is to strong, I fall and that’s when it began…

  2. Then It began… the goongang struck the ugliest creachers in the universe came to destroy the earth. They came with their plasma guns and mars rays. The greatest super heroes on earth and beyond tried with all there might but it was not enough the Goongang was just too strong. Until sensei woo arrived he kicked there puny butts and chopped of their disgusting head but even he could not defeat the Goongang elder destructive Dave. He toward over woo and deleted him out of existence the goongang had won. They now called earth there home for now…

  3. RUN
    Panting Heavily as I’m running through the dark foggy forest seeing leafless trees all around me. I glanced behind me seeing him with the black jumper and baggy hood covering is face, still chasing me. My heart is racing so fast not knowing what to do. Then it began I got too tired to run anymore, he caught me and that’s when everything went blank. I woke up in a random house scared for my life. “Were am I?” I yell and again then I hear a voice telling me that everything will be fine. “Is that you dad?” I asked.

  4. The Games

    The war horns shrieked as the stone platform slowly rose from the depths below. As the contestants rose from the hard cold rock platform. My hunger for vengeance was then thrust beyond belief. I saw the contestants. Some of the platforms had a scarlet red liquid sprayed over them from the last challenges. It had been a long day. The challenge almost entirely breaking my spirit. Suddenly as the countdown began. I braced myself for the horrors that would come. I tightened my belt. 3, 2, 1, GO! I sprinted towards the chest holding the tools we needed…Then it began…

  5. Rustle, rustle running through the tree’s trying to escape from danger stop! Then it began heart pounding, blood rushing through my veins I have to get away. Pant, pant as I gasp for air I rush towards the light. Slowly my speed decreasing as I push myself forward. If I get caught I will never see the light of day again I have to keep pushing forward ‘CRACK, BANG’ they’re coming I look up at the sky its crimson and gold it will be dawn soon. That will make it easier for them to find me I need to get to shelter.

  6. Then it began… My alarm went off and I heard my brother scream. Yes! My plan worked. The off milk in my brothers shoes made him slip. I ran out into the dark hallway. Ow! “MEOW!” My cat screamed as I stepped on its tail. I fell over and nearly face planted. My brother jumped over me. I’ve gotten back up, but what my brother doesn’t know, I’ve got a short cut! When I reached the stairs, I jumped up onto the barrier and slid down. As I magically jumped off the barrier, I grabbed the TV remote and cried in victory!

  7. The New Teacher
    It was the first day of term three, I saw a new women in the classroom she had pink hair and pink nails she was my teacher. I didn’t like the fact of having a new teacher … then it began… the school bell rang and she started talking she introduced herself she said “hello I am Mrs. Cod and I will stand up for you and I believe in you” I realised she would be an amazing teacher. Well at least she didn’t give us homework on the first day back at school.
    We got homework!

  8. I ran though the deep dark wood into the- “Wake up Christelder!”
    Mum yelled from the lounge. I got up my long black hair messily running down my back. I got ready for school my brother asleep. “I forgot something mum.” I ran up the dark oak stars up to my brothers room I put shaving cream in his hand then got a feather I found yesterday then I tickled his nose. He smacked his face shaving cream went every were I ran out the door. When I got to school Maya came up to me then it began…
    By Sarah Speedie

  9. Two yellow eyes lingering with a thirst for blood, waited in the shadows of the wheat. The breeze tangling through the locks of curls, on the gnarling face of the lion. The sun tanned the carpet of parched leaves and frail bushes. A cloudy eeriness blurred out the silence. A flaming golden fur glowed under the light of the sun of the impala munching on the lawn. The wheat swiftly swaying with the breeze. The impala paused in concern and steadied a quiver. The lion dug his nails deep into the damp soil, still lurking in the roots of the wheat. Then . . . he pranced and it began.

  10. The awkward conversation
    Sarah saw Lily walking over. Very confused she said “hi”. Then it began. Lily started rambling on about how sorry she was for yelling at her. Every time Sarah took a step back, Lily took a step forward. “Sorry for interrupting, but who are you” said Sarah. Lily stood there just staring at Sarah, for the next five awkward silence looking at each other. Finally Sarah talked “soooo, I’m gonna go, have a nice day, see you soon, not really. Bye.” And with that, Sarah turned around slowly, and ran away. “I can’t believe she doesn’t remember me.” Said Lily.

  11. One day there was a lady named Isobella, she was in year twelve she was petrified of tests, she would do anything to get out of them… Then it began, the test that decides if she goes to college or not.

    Isobella was sitting at the desk, sweat dripping off her forehead, trying her very best, nervously answering questions. The rest of the class finishing whilst she still had two pages left.

    Isobella finally finished.

    Finally the score came in Isobella was so very nervous she could barely speak. The score came up… She PASSED!! Isobella could go to college.

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