Sia is an Australian artist that portrays a message and a character in all her film clips. Sia is one of Mrs Joyce’s favourite artists because of her values and outlook on life. Her film clips captivate Mrs Joyce and have her sitting for hours analysing them.

The main dancer in this film clip is a girl names Maddie. If any of you have watched Dance Moms you would remember her from this show. She portrays many characters throughout Sia’s music clips.

Today we are going to analyse the media and the main character. The lyrics mean nothing in this lesson but you will hear key words that will lead your thinking.

We are going to prepare our analyse for Sia and send our messages to her via twitter. Who knows she may send us a message back about out thoughts.

Today we are responding in the following way:

  1. What does being ‘The Greatest you can be’ mean?
  2. What different images can you see in the film clip?
  3. What is the role of the main character? Who do you think she is in the context of the film clip?
  4. Complete these sentence starters:
  • I believe the message is ………
  • You should never give up even when ……….. because………
  • Sia wants the world to understand…..
  • The images in the clip remind me of ………… in the world because ……………