Determining Importance – Deciding What is Interesting And What is Important: #Reading Groups


Determining Importance In Non Fiction Texts

Reading Groups 

Green Group: Sophie,  MacKenzie, Sierra, Siarah, Jeremy, Aleisha 

Red Group: Ruk, Tshawn, Harmony, Brodie, Seth, Baine

Blue Group: Vjay, Thon, Ayla, Kodie, Emelia, Brock, Lachlan

Orange Group: Cailin, Tylah, Olivia, Mitchell, Emilee, Travis, 

Group Tasks

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Green Group: Teacher Group

Red Group: Penguins in Antartica 560L – 740L

Blue Group: Antartica at a Glance 740L – 890L

Orange Group:  890L -1040L Bacteria


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