Welcome back 5/6J. Over the next couple of days you will prepare a mini research investigation to understand the meaning behind ANZAC Day.

You will need to complete the following:

  1. Choose an investigation area.
  2. Research your topic area using key words.
  3. Prepare a double entry journal on a google doc – Facts/ Thinking
  4. Research your topic and locate pictures that explain your investigation topic.
  5. Place your pictures into presentation of some kind, you could use buncee, animoto or another digital presentation tool.
  6. Present you finished findings Friday fourth Hour to the class, showing an advance understanding of your research area.


Research Areas to Choose from: 

  • Research the role played by Australian troops and by the Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels in Papua New Guinea.
  • Research the Kokoda story. Read about the Kokoda Trail and its meaning.
  • Research the Gallipalli Campaign.
  • Research the landing at Gallipalli.
  • Research the history of ANZAC Day.
  • Research the significance of the Dawn Service on ANZAC Day.
  • Research the story of Simpson and his Donkey.
  • Research ANZAC heroes. Tell us why these people are heroes.

Websites that may help your research