I am so excited to teach 5/6J about booksnaps and how we are going to use them in our Reading Workshop.

There are some things I need to clarify with you first. These two words QUOTE and BOOKSNAP.

A quotes is when you repeat or copy out (words from a text or speech written or spoken by another person).

A teacher called Tara Martin who lives in the USA uses booksnaps and says it is when you:

  • To annotate and share excerpts of the book you’re reading
  • It allows the reader to connect an idea or thought by creating a digital visual representation. The visual representation solidifies the text content within the mind and signals the brain to retrieve the idea from memory.
  • Diagram the rise, fall, and climax of the plot (see an example image below)
  •  Highlight figurative language and imagery
  • Notate character conflict and internal struggles (see example below)
  • To personally connect to the text; this is my favourite!
  • Point out the main idea or a supporting argument
  • It has its own hashtag #BookSnaps on Twitter!
  • It’s EASY! Just read, snap, reflect, add stickers, share, and repeat.

Here is Mrs Joyce’s booksnap about Shaun Tan’s Book ‘The Rabbits”

Lets look at some examples of Booksnaps: