Sensory Writing – Taking a seed and transferring out thinking to a writing piece. #Writing #thinking


Spotlight Writing

I took a long deep breath, I could see the fog of my breath right in front of my eyes. I am standing in the middle of a barren forest covered in the thickest, whitest snow I have ever seen. My brothers said this weekend away up in the mountains would be a good idea, I don’t normally agree with them however I have had a blast this whole weekend. At the moment I am trying to reach our log cabin that we booked for the weekend, as I am walking I can hear the thin dead twigs snapping under my feet. I have to stop every few steps and brush of the freezing cold snow off my neck from it dropping from the dark thick tree trunks all around me. There are some icicles that are hanging from the tree branches when I touched them my fingers slid on the smooth crystal-like surface…


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