Inquiry: Being An Eco-Empathetic Tourist – Antarctica Tune In


Learning Intention: To gain an understanding of what Ecotourism is.


What is eco-tourism?

Watch the video ‘What is Ecotourism?’

 According to The Oxford English Dictionary, the word “ecotour” was first recorded in 1973, followed by “ecotourism” in 1982.

There, the word is defined as, “Tourism to areas of ecological interest (typically exotic and often threatened natural environments), especially to support conservation efforts and observe wildlife; spec. access to an endangered environment controlled so as to have the least possible adverse effect.” (Too difficult for students to understand)

Epler Wood’s original definition was more simple and to the point. She described ecotourism as, “Responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people.” (Definition more student friendly)


Today you will record in your inquiry journals your own definition of ‘What Ecotourism is?’  Together with Mr Ware you will discuss and brainstorm your ideas. Can you seperate ECO and TOURISM and see how both fit together?

With this new information you will complete a KWL chart about what you know about ecotourism and what you want to know about ecotourism.

This terms challenging question:


How can we as eco-empathetic tourists, create solutions using the UN Sustainable Goals to address real world tourism problems?


5/6J you will be an eco-empathetic tourist (A traveller who cares about the environment, culture and sustainability). You are going to have to connect to a UN Sustainable Goal and try and solve a real world tourism problem.

 Over the next 4 weeks you will rotate to all the unit’s teachers to be tuned in to 4 different places in the world that face tourism problems that need to be solved.

These are:

Africa – Illegal hunting, environment damage in National Parks.

Antarctica –  The potential of tourism to impact on the marine environment is even greater than the potential impact on the land. The sinking of the MV Explorer near the South Shetland Islands in November 2007 highlighted the potentially disastrous human and environmental impacts of Antarctic tour operations.

Australia – Uluru the impact of tourists walking on the rock.

AustraliaThe Great Barrier Reef the impact of tourists are having on the reef and the marine life.



Watch the following tune in videoAntarctica Tourism Growing Steadily, Posing Potential Ecological Threat



 Changing Antarctica Tourism


Look at the article, you are to record in your own words the Pros and Cons of tourism in Antarctica.

In your inquiry journal you are to rule up two columns and label them Pros and Cons. Make sure you have a clear heading – The Impact Of Tourism On Antarctica.


5/6J About 15 mins before the end of the lesson you will be stopped and in your journal you are to record:

  • On the KWL chart ‘Learnt’ Column two things you have learnt about tourism in Antarctica.
  • Two inquiry questions related to tourism problems in Antarctica.
  • Your questions must begin with Why?, How?, What if?


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