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Day 1 at ISTE did not disappoint. Today I was inspired by a young man that I have been following for several years now and who is an inspiration to the students in my grade.

Curran Dee is the CEO of his own company DigcitKids. Today I was front row in his session to see him talk about his global work and his take on digital citizenship.

There were many take always from my day but seeing Curran’s Mine Craft assignment, that had been graded a fail because he did not follow the same boring structure he was told to. His presentation was outstanding, if I was his teacher he would have received an A+.

Why is it that as teachers we at times want to restrict our kids to conform to be the same. We should be promoting self expression, creativity and critical analysis. Today Curran showed me exactly what that looked like. And I want to know more. I plan to set up a time to get some Minecraft lessons so I can get 5\6J creating assignnments like this.

Take a look for yourself what his assignment looked like. What I want to know is how a showbox with things in it could be better than this?

Curran’s Minecraft Assignment Final Submission








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