Term 2 – Week 4 Reading Groups Non Fiction Reading Strategies.


Green Group: Morgan, Brandon, Haylee, Lachlan, Charlee, Puol 

Non Fiction Marathon –  Choose a non fiction book and complete the marathon process. You will need your piece of paper to fold your grid and remember presentation makes your work a Writer’s Gift piece. 

Red Group: Baden, Chalize, Coby, Alan, Deegan, Jeremy, Nyamal,

Read Aloud Flipgrid: Today you must read your book aloud to  https://flipgrid.com/735777

Also you will have to complete a non fiction book response 


You will work with Mrs Stevo and stay as a group.

Blue Group: Aslan, Kiara, Nakiesha, Dominic, Romario

Go to  https://online.kidsdiscover.com/

Orange Group: Liam, Tyson, Tyrone, Shakayla, Betty 

Choose a non fiction book and follow the reading response choice board. Complete a response in your reading response book. 


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