Harmony Day is celebrated on the 21st of March every year in Australia! It’s a day that as a community, we celebrate the diversity of our amazing country. On this day the main message is ‘everyone belongs’ and what an amazingly fantastic opportunity to encourage inclusiveness of the different cultural backgrounds that make up your class and school!


What is diversity? What are some of the ways that people can be different from each other? What things make us the same?

What is Harmony Day? What does harmony mean? What are some examples of harmony in nature/in the world?

Word challenge: How many words with three letters or more can you make from the letters in the words ‘Celebrate Australia’s Diversity’?

Two sides to every story: Write a short account of an event from two different points of view.

Acrostic poem: Brainstorm some words associated with cultural diversity in Australia and choose one to write an acrostic poem.