Group Green: Alan, Deegan, Jeremy, Nyamal, Puol, Charlee.

Group Red: Romario, Baden, Chalize, Brandon, Coby, Morgan.

Group Blue: Haylee, Aslan, Kiara, Nakiesha, Lachlan, Dominic.

Group Pink: Liam, Tyson, Tyrone, Shakayla, Betty.

Green Group: 

Read Aloud Flipgrid: Today you must read your book aloud to

Also you will have to complete a book recommendation using the book recommendation template.

You will work with Mr Sweeney and stay as a group.

Blue Group:

#Booksnaps: Today you will read the group text and complete a #booksnap response. Your book snap must be one of the sentence starters from your response book. Remember you must take a picture of your page, high light the sentence you are referring to in your response sentence starter. You need to be independent and quiet, working on your work.

Pink Group: 

Today you will independently read from a media text. Go to and choose an article. Read the article and by the end of the session you will have to have completed the following Non Fiction Response:

Red Group: 

Teacher Group: Guided Reading  

Today the group will work on the guided reading concept using their group book.