Brainstorm as a class characteristics of ones personal profile that are measurable. See if we can get 10. We need to determine how to measure these 10 characteristics.
1. Which characteristics will you use for your profile?
We will create a list of a set of 10 characteristics suitable for a your profile that you can measure or quantify. Your list could include: date of birth, height, hair and eye colour, days alive, months at this school and so on.

2. Measure, record and present your data                                                                        Measure each of your 10 characteristics and record the results.
On a computer design a profile page and include a photo of yourself. List the 10 characteristics with your personal details.

3. Analyse Class Data
Select the most suitable characteristics to represent on a dot plot and the characteristic most suitable for a pie chart.
Design and complete a data table so you can record the class data for both of the characteristics. Include data from every class member.

Draw or generate a dot plot and a pie chart to display the class data. Show where you are on each graph. Attach the two graphs to your profile.

4. Make comparative statements                                                                                       Analyse the dot plot and pie chart and write statements about yourself compared to the rest of the class. Use some comparing and contrasting words.

Comparing words: same, similarly, like, as well as, in the same way, similar to

Contrasting words: on the other hand, unlike, but, whereas, however, yet, while, different, from