Today we prepared our Flipgrid Aussie greetings. I read most of your reponses and I think the world is going to be struck by Aussie Flipgrid Fever today as we respond. I have a secret response to share with you. I found this fabulous young man on the grid last night and WOW!! I had to share him with the world. Zach you are a Flipgrid Superstar.

Today I would really like to focus on how we record our videos. When we are at our stations we need to working together. Recording each others videos. Here is the success criteria I would like you to follow today:

  • Video up close to the persons face so you have the best chance for them to be heard.
  • Give them a chance to start again if they make a mistake.
  • Pause if needed for the person to add any details.
  • With people being in costume run the camera over their costume after they have shared their greeting.
  • Remember to hold the ipad still, we don’t want the people watching to get a headache watching the screen shaking.