Homework – Preparing An Aussie Greeting For #flipgridFriday https://flipgrid.com/578b4a


This week I have a really awesome task for you 3/4J. I would like you to find anything Australian at home that you can dress up in for this weeks Flipgrid Friday topic.

The theme is greetings from around the world and we are going to fly the Australian Flag for our country. We are going to dress up, talk about Australia, share Australian slang and have a so much fun with classrooms around the world.

Share any ideas you have on the blog here and I will look into making your ideas come to life.

Here is this weeks task:

Greetings From Around The World

What if you could send your own personalised greeting that represents your country? Since this grid represents One World One Classroom its time we greeted each other in a way that represents our country. You can dress up, teach us words in your language or share something to teach others about your country.From Me I wish you G’day from Australia. 

Check out the video, I think we could learn this song and sing it for Claudia on the Sing a Song Grid.


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