They think deeply, they lead their learning, they empathise for others, the understand global perspectives and they are world leaders when it comes to decisions about making a change in the world.

How do I say good bye to these kids in December. They make me think about life and others. I question my stance on world issues thanks to our classroom discussions.

All I want for my students is to for them to love learning, coming to school and to know they can be what ever they want if they stay in school and believe in themselves. Teachers are supposed to change students lives but after 13 years, this year I have found a group of students that have truly changed mine.

This week we have been looking at the UN Global Goal concept ignited by Beyonce #fightforfreedom what the class has produced via discussions, viewing media and recording their thinking is well beyond the thinking of 9 – 10 years and I am just so proud of each and every one of my 22 students that make you TEAM JOYCE!

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