Holiday bag or get-away bag?

Objective: To understand the impact that fleeing from a desperate situation would have on someone’s life and to empathise with situations that others find themselves in.

“Imagine you are going on holiday tomorrow what would you pack? Where are you going and what do you need to pack in your case? You have 5 minutes to pack a bag.”

“Now your situation has changed. Imagine that you need to escape from your home tomorrow. You do not know whether and when you will return. Pack a suitcase with the things that you would take. Remember you can only have one suitcase and you are probably going to leave your country on foot or by road. You might not always be sleeping in a house at night. Take 5-10 minutes to decide what you will take.”

What difference is there between your holiday case and your get-away bag? Why are the suitcases differently equipped? What would you not take in your get-away bag that you would really miss?