Last night 3/4J Mrs Joyce was a special guest of the Traralgon Rotary Club. I was lucky enough to speak to the members of the club about our classroom and the great things you do to connect with the world.

One of the members Catherine Reid spoke to me about an Amazing lady named Gemma who started a school for poor children in Tanzania. Today we will look at Gemma’s story and learn about her school which is named ‘The School of St Jude’

Today we are going to watch a 60 minutes story about Gemma and her school. We will be exploring the new story as a Look to Learn. Here are your questions:

  1. Describe what kind of person Gemma is?
  2. How did Gemma make a difference to the children of Tanzania?
  3. What could our global classroom do to connect with The School Of St Jude?
  4. Gemma’s shows us the importance of believing and persisting (never giving up). If you could send Gemma a message what would you say?