3/4J today you are going to watch the story of ‘The Arrival’ by Shaun Tan again after viewing it yesterday (Monday). All I want you to do is Wonder. Below we will recap what readers do when they wonder when they read. You will need your notepads to record as you watch the clip.

REMEMBER – only write down what you wonder from viewing the clip.

What I Wonder

We are using our observations to ask questions
We are using the key words or ideas to ask questions
We use our questions to look for more clues
Our questions make us want to keep reading / looking to find the answers
We are like detectives who ask questions so that they look deeply to find the answers
Something that you are wondering about that is not written in the text. The question must be connected to the meaning.

Good readers ask questions. It shows that they are thinking about what they are reading and looking for answers to their questions in the pictures / text.