The students of 3/4J and 3/4A have developed Inquiry Questions that they will take further to develop a call to action on. These questions were some of the best I have seen for Grade 3/4’s and I am sure we will all wait in anticipation of what the outcome of their actions will be to help the world.

Why did the white families accept the aboriginal children during the time of the Stolen Generation? – Tarlee and Ambrose

How can we help the Stolen Generation? – Arthur and Emelia

During Ramadan how do the children cope with fasting at school? – Thon and Mal

How can we learn and teach people about Chinese New Year? – Imogen-Lee and Brock

How can we promote Sorry Day? – Trent, Ryan S, Jimmy

How is Sorry Day commemorated? – Tylah and Cooper

How does the Ramadan celebration begin? – Lachlan and Ryan W

How is Chinese New Year celebrated in different countries around the world? – 

How can the Government help the Stolen Generation? –

How do people celebrate all cultures around the world? Is there a day for all cultures to celebrate? – Arizona and Bailey

Why does Chinese New Year have a festival of lights? – Brodie and Riley

Why is fasting so important during Ramadan? – Destiny and Isabella

 Why are lights and noise a large part of the Chinese New Year celebrations? – Liam and Jaydah

How can we teach people about Sorry Day? Xander and Aleisha

How can we start celebrating other traditions? Londi and Sarah

How can we promote Sorry Day at our school? Destiny, Olivia and Cailin

How do we remember the ANZACS on ANZAC Day? Georgia, Seth, Bradlee and Jayke

Why do people move to unwelcome countries where they can not celebrate their cultural celebration/commemoration? Hayley and Izzy

Why are the lights such an important symbol for the Hindu people during Diwali? – Kiesha and Ethan