Students will be tuned in to the festivals and celebrations of Ramadan and Diwali. Ramadan is an Islamic festival celebrated by many muslims around the world. While Diwali is a Hindi celebration that many Indians celebrate as their New Year celebration.

This website reading will give you an insight into the two celebrations. I want you to listen carefully because you are going to have to record what you know about the two celebrations shortly.

Now let’s take a visual look at how people celebrate Ramadan and Diwali.

First lets look at Ramadan:

Now lets learn about Diwali:

Now that your have learnt about the two celebrations I would like you to rule up and double entry journal – two columns one for Ramadan and one for Diwali.

Under these headings I would like you to record everything you know about these celebrations now. Think about what time of the day they celebrate? What clothes they wear? What food they eat? What is the special meaning of the celebration?

These are two fabulous cultures and I hope you learn a lot about them. You may want to create an inquiry question in a few weeks to find our more or to educate people about these celebrations.