Today 3/4’s you are going to learn about the United Nations Global Goals. We will be referring and using the Global Goals in our class for the remainder of the year. 3/4J I know you are well educated on the Goals but today is a good day to review them individually and to hang our with the smurfs again.

Your lesson today will see you watch a video about what the Global Goals are. You will then get a chance to help the smurfs make some important decisions about their village. Lastly you will have to post a comment to tell Mrs Joyce about one of the Goals. You must tell me the following:

  1. Number and name of the goal.
  2. The aim of the goal.
  3. Three facts about the goal.

Have fun and look after the smurfs village we don’t want them to become extinct from you poor decisions.

Introduction Video

Small Smurfs, Big Goals