If It Were My Home

Have you ever wondered what your life might be like if you lived in a different country?

If It Were My Home let’s you imagine just that by comparing the quality of life in Australia to other countries in the world. By clicking on a country you can see how likely you are to experience certain circumstances.

For example, if you lived in Chile you would have 11% less free time, make 64% less money and die 1 year sooner. On a positive note, you would spend 87% less on healthcare, consume 68% less oil and be 18% less likely to be murdered.

The statistic for the likelihood to be in prison is pretty startling. Many people expect life in the Australia to be much better than anywhere else in the world. While Australia overall has a high quality of life, you may notice some surprises by exploring the other countries on this website. Perhaps, you will want to make another country  your home.


  • Explore several countries on the website. They will make some important discoveries while focusing on the countries they are most interested in learning about.
  • Research some of the statistics on the website. For example, you could have students investigate why Chileans spend less money on healthcare or consume less oil.
  • Do you discover any patterns. Certain regions of the world may have similar statistics.
  • Choose another country to live in and have them defend their choice by using statistics from the website.