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Showcased Educator
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Bronwyn Joyce

Who knew four years ago my teaching career would change for ever. After being asked to travel to China to lead a global project, I realised I couldn’t use a computer. I attended a PD on how to set up a blog and I was off. Successfully running the project for a year I was award a National Scholarship with iEARN in 2013 to present my work in Qatar. In Qatar, I ran a blogging workshop and presented the work I do in my classroom and globally. Qatar taught me one very vital tool, how to use Twitter. My presentation in Qatar caught the eye of an Indian school, who paid for me to work with their staff of hundreds on connecting globally and what a global classroom looks like. Off to India I went. This trip changed my life. In 2014, I was awarded an international scholarship with IEARN to travel to Argentina and again present my work. Here I was also asked to dual present with an education professor from the US and two US teachers another honour. After each trip I would return to my classroom and continue to develop my blog and practice new ideas with my class. Last year, I set off to Brazil, once again presenting my work. This time people filled the room to hear me speak. I promoted a global charity, I was a known person. Who’d of thought a quiet teacher from Country Victoria had made it to the global stage. Now I connect globally with many friends and educators, people wanting my advice on education really blows me away. My message is; have a go, get connected. I teach the curriculum. My students are amazing and all advance academically. I teach the curriculum my way. Check out www. and I would love to connect with any enthusiastic educator wanting to know more about connecting. You can do!

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