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Meet Abeer, 13. She is one of 190,000 Syrian children in Lebanon who are currently out of school.

When Abeer left Syria with her family six years ago her parents told her they would be back in two days. She’s now spent almost half of her life in an informal settlement in Lebanon. Abeer has never been in a class photo. Her school was destroyed back home. “What would you do if you lived my life for an hour?” Abeer asks.

“My school in Syria was destroyed. Do you know what reminds me of my school? The heavy school bag. Thinking of it gives me hope to fulfill my dreams. I don’t go to school because there is no transport. It’s unsafe for me to return as late as 6 p.m. to the settlement. I’d like to know if other people could live our lives, even just for an hour. If their country was at war, how would they react? I want everyone to answer that question.”

#ImagineaSchool is a multimedia project on Syrias’ children struggle for education, consisting of an interactive documentary and a photo exhibition, based on in-depth interviews with 19 Syrian children across Lebanon, addressing different challenges on their path to education. The title of the project, #ImagineaSchool, is a quote from two of the girls interviewed that had never been to school. Nearly six years into the violence, half of all Syrian children, or 2.8 million, in Syria and neighboring countries, are out of school. Some of the main obstacles are poverty, social exclusion, discrimination, insecurity, vulnerability, language barriers and lack of information. Find out more about Syrian refugee children and their struggle for education at


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