Greatest Achievement In My Life, Books On Their Way to Fiji @Belouga @M_drez #UNICEF #Fiji #globaled #au


Today I was heartbroken to hear the story of the Koro Island School in Fiji. These families lives changed forever when cyclone Winston almost year ago Since then families live in tents no basic supplies we take for granted such as toilets and built housing.

The island people are living in tents but still their community thrives. Today I felt so blessed to be handing boxes and boxes of books that the students of Liddiard Rd Primary, sorted and campaigned in the community to help schools in Fiji due to the cyclone.

I would also like to thank Carleen Haylock for a large amount of books sent to us from Tyers Primary School, these books are really going to children in need.

The students as you can see in the photos go to school in tents. They have no chairs, no tables and not writing resources. But as Rita Pierson Says ‘ The teachers stands in front of the class and teaches’. This to me is a born teacher and leader. These students I hope will benefit from all the books that we have donated. Many are readers and picture stories to build their enthusiasm for reading and learning.

I feel this will not be the end of my help for Koro Island School, Fiji Angel Daniels. I will do anything I can to reach out and get support for these children’s learning. You are an inspiration my friend, keep up the amazing work you do to these beautiful people.

In the pictures you can see the classroom and you can see the volunteers building the preschool so the young children can no longer learn in tents.



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