Kutoa has partnered UNHCR (The UN Refugee Agency) this month finding ways to help the Syrian Refugees

Mrs Joyce has spent the last few years educating her children about the conflict in Syria and the effect it is having on children and their education. The students are passionate about Camp Zaartari and ways to help the refugees.

Kutoa have placed the following information about helping the Syrian Refugees on :

The situation in Syria is still deeply concerning for those desiring to live in peace.

The victims of the civil war are people just like you and I. They had jobs, schools, families, places to go and things to do – all those things have been superceeded by the need to simply survive.

As the world continues to watch and attempts to understand the conflict in Syria, there are many Syrians who want nothing to do with it. As a result they are forced to leave everything own and know to escape the fighting.

Kutoa is continuing to support the children, mothers, fathers and elderly impacted by the Syrian conflict.

The Choices You Have To Vote This Month 3/4J are:

Take a look and tell me which cause you would like our vote to go to. Remember to tell me why you want your vote to go to your chosen cause. 

Provide 20 Wool Blankets

Registering 150 Refugees

Give 1 Family Shelter