Kane’s Adventure

December 10, 2014
Hi 4J

Sorry I did not get on yesterday I did not have enough time. We were too busy doing actives around the boat, so I’m sorry. But I’m doing good.

I went on the plane yesterday. It was fun because it had computers you could watch movies like the X-man and play games like hangman and chess on.

We got a limo from the airport to the boat.

When we got there we didn’t get straight on to the boat because we needed to get some lunch, then we had to check in our bags. Next we had to fill in paper work. We were gold members so it was a little bit faster. A couple of minutes later we got to our room on the boat. We got my suit case 3-4 hours later because they lost it for a little while.

Today I went on the Flowrider. This is what it looks like. I will try to post a photo or video of me riding it later.

I did my daily jog of one mile on the running track and then went to a cupcake decorating class and made a monkey cupcake. His name was Frank and he was very cute (and yummy)!


Tonight we had a formal dinner in the three story dining room and had lots of family photos taken.

When we got back, there was a towel bat hanging in our room!


I hope the photo links work!

Knock Knock
Who’s there?
Tank who?
Tank you for reading my post!

By Kane