iEARN Final Presentations

Today 4J and 4B were absolutely dedicated to leading their learning. They worked all day without paper and pens, using technology for all work completed. At times their was silence as students read their international buddies work. There were times of laughter as students loved working with creating animations and sharing small acts of kindness stories. Then there was the rowdy time as students challenged each other with what they wanted to include in their final presentations.

Take look at our wikispace you will be flabbergasted by the full pages of work. Student comments and engagement. This is truly the best wiki presentation I have ever worked with students on. These Grade 4’s have proven that what happens in the classroom needs to be purposeful and engaging. I’m so proud of you 4J and 4B.

Take a look at our Wiki –

Here is an example of one of the presentations – Landforms by Braiden 4J