Respecting Me, Respecting You

Persuasive Topics for Inquiry

Emily, Emily, Jordan, jack, Jen

Is it important to get along with other cultures?

Holly, Cara

Should the government send back the people on the boats to other countries?

Liam, Braiden

Should people around the world come to live in Australia?

James, Andrew

What are the cultures found in our community?

Kaiden, Max

Should Australia have so many cultures?

Regan, Charli

Are some Australians racists to other cultures?

Alex, Harry

Should there be so many different cultures in Australia?

Leah, Abbie

Should Australia be a multicultural country?

Emmi, Danielle

Should people in Australia treat others from different cultures poorly just because they are different?

Kane, Deegan


Should we treat people from other cultures in our community with respect?