I have just found this emotional message posted to my blog

Message from Shontae. Shontae is one on my grade 6 students who has just graduated from my class and now heads to Secondary School in 2014. She has had a fabulous year and has grown in confidence everyday. I will miss her smile and kind words but I will mostly miss her worrying about me and my hug every Friday afternoon as she heads off for the weekend.

Shontae’s Message: 

‘I would just like to say goodbye to the most special person I have ever met, Mrs Joyce, she has been the highlight of my years at primary school and has helped in the times when I have needed to be helped, I have never met a person who is so beautiful and lovely to so many students, to be honest without this beautiful lady I would not be where I am today, Mrs Joyce I am going to miss you so much, I will come and visit you everyday, good luck next year with the 3/4′s and my brother, I do not want to go just yet but I am afraid I have to leave some day, I have been crying my self to sleep realizing that I will never get to be in your grade again or be with you for a whole day, I just wanted to let you know Mrs Joyce that I love you and I will miss you and my heart goes out for you for everything you have done for me and everyone else we could not thank you enough! xoxoxoxox’