Hello Team Joyce,

I’m sorry that I am not at inquiry day today but I I need to be in Melbourne with my daughter for another specialist appointment. You are in the safe hands of Mrs Whitehead.

You are all travelling excellently and have so much independent work to complete. Your Inquiry Gifts are at the front of the class and some need a little tender loving care. If anyone is sitting doing nothing, your gifts need borders and some much needed colour.

Logan you really need to get your designs coloured and submitted ready to start building. I am happy for you to have a sketch and then a final draft because you have been absent and working alone.

Remember – Your models have to look like your plans and they must link to your inquiry question. When you are at the expo you will be assessed on home everything links to your inquiry question and how you explain your research and findings in relation to your question.

Have a great day and at 12.45pm I would like every group to leave me a reflection comment on this post. I would like to know what you worked on, what you are up to and what you did to better your Inquiry gift. I will check the comments so every group must post an update of their day.