Hello Team Joyce – Asia

Hi Everyone,

As you know Mrs Joyce has to go to Melbourne with her daughter and won’t be in teaching on Inquiry Friday. You will be in the very safe hands of Mrs Whitehead, who is the Inquiry Guru. Now, I will be getting feedback on your day, so work hard because I am visiting Mrs Whiteheads house for dinner on Friday night. I’ll be asking her all about the day.

Directions for the Day:

1. If you are working in your Inquiry Gift it is to be your very best work, work you will be proud of. I have completed a seed in my Gift and started my Venn Diagram. I have left my Inquiry Gift for you to take a look at. 

2. One of your team members will need to work on the Glogster. This does not have to be a difficult task. Pictures, Pictures, Pictures! Make sure you find pictures of the town you will be building in, the water supply you are building near eg Jordan and Mason have pictures of the Dead Sea. Tell me a little about the structure you plan to build. Is their forest or vegetation near where you will be building? If so, make sure you have pictures to prove this. Your glogster is all about you showing where you are going to build.

3. It is compulsory that  your Venn Diagram, Seed and Mind Map are finished. You need to concentrating on your Glogster and trying to start your design sketch. The first sketch remember is just a sample of you thinking, roughly sketch your ideas of what your structure will look like. 

You have so much work to do, there should not be anyone slacking off. Next week we will have Inquiry on Monday and Tuesday in 2 hour blocks and I want us to starting our building journey which means we need to get designing. 

Have a great day and work hard. I know you are an awesome team. I will call in to school on Saturday to check the Inquiry Gifts, I’m looking forward to seeing some more outstanding work. 

From Mrs Joyce

PS I have posted some of my pictures of Qatar and Dubai and these mesmerizing structures. Enjoy!!!!