Understanding Characters

5/6J we have working hard on understanding characters. On Wednesday Mrs Joyce will be taking her daughter Maddison to an appointment in Melbourne. I want you to practice what you know about understanding characters in stories. Here are some definitions to refresh your memory.

Character Trait Lesson: Wednesday Nov 6th

Whole Class

Watch the short movie Fraggle Rock “You Can’t Do That Without a Hat”. As a whole class identify whom the characters in the movie are and record them in the Who? Section of the chart. Then brainstorm with the class what traits these character displayed and choose these to go in the Character Trait? Section. Lastly, come up with the evidence to explain where in the film the character showed these traits.

Independent Task

Students will need to select one of the Fraggle Rock Movie clips provided on the blog. They need to watch the movie, identify and record the character names, traits and evidence from the text just like what had been modeled from the whole class example.

Select one of the following –