Our Group Inquiry Questions

Today Team Joyce came up with the questions that they will investigate over the next 7 weeks. They will investigate, design, build, present and reflect on these magnificently thought out, open ended questions.

I feel very proud of the level of questions that have been compiled and look forward to see the structural models at our end of term expo.

Jordan and Mason

How is the structural design of buildings in The Kingdom of Jordan related to the weather?

Liam and Cody

How are structures in Thailand culturally different to Australian buildings?

Ben and Tyler

How and where are the materials resourced to build modern buildings in Georgia?

Sunday and Liz

Why are the city buildings in Qatar being built so modernised?

Logan and Terry

What is a new example of housing structures in the Indian Slums?

Vanessa and Bhavica

Why are the modern structures important for the growth of Singapore?

Zach and Tristan

How do the structures of Dubai support the economy?

Nyawech and Nyang

How are structures built and resourced to be able to float in the floating villages of Vietnam?

Hayley and Kyra

Explain, Why the houses of Vietnam have decorations and what are the meanings for these?