Our Continent – Asia

Structures make a large part of our cities, towns and villages. There are various types of structures in different living environments. Structures are objects that have been built. Different tools and materials are used to build structures. Structures are built for different purposes. Different structures are built according to the environment.

Your inquiry task will be as follows:

 1.    Each group will choose a country from Asia. From that country you will be required to create a mind map and a seed based on an image to explain prior knowledge.

 2.    Each group must prepare a Venn diagram explaining how a city, town and village from their country in their continent differs to their own Australian city, town and village.

3.     Your group will need to come up with an inquiry question related to structures in your country.  You may investigate the city of your country, centre your research around what is classified as a town or you may like to explore village structures and how people live.

4.     Research structures from all areas of your country, using your inquiry question as a basis for your investigation. You will be creating a new structure to be built in a city, town or village in your country so research your information thoroughly.

  • Think about where you will be able to build your city, town or village.
  • You structure will need to use local materials and you will need to prepare a map of your country to show where you structure will be built. .
  • It must be near water.
  • It must be near forests.
  • Think about a structure that could benefit the city, town or village. Eg Shopping malls, a local shop, office skyscapers.
  • Remember to think about natural disaster areas that may create problems for structures to be build. Eg India is a category 4 Earth Quake zone so high rises are rarely built due to the risk of death and destruction of an earthquake hits.
  • Provide a Glogster, using pictures you have located and information about the location where your structure will be built.

5.      Design your Structure. Your group must complete 3 designs.

  • Design 1 – A quick sketch to outline your group ideas (A3).
  • Design 2 – Start preparing a detailed design with glimpses of colour and thoughts about materials (A3).
  • Design 3 must match the exact plan that you are going to build from. It must be fully coloured and labelled, stating all materials that will be used to prepare your design for building (A3).

6.       Build a 3d model of a structure in your chosen environment (City, town, Village) . Use your research and your designs to build your structure in detail.

7.       All groups must provide a Voicethread Presentation of your inquiry journey – Voicethread has been chosen because there needs to be an oral element where you explain your journey.  You must take a photo diary of your whole process of building from start to finish. Each week you must post your images to a kidblog for your teacher to check.  This has not been done well in the past as people did not take pictures weekly.

* Each group must have an ipad one per group to complete this task.

Finally you will present your inquiry presentation to an audience.

Good Luck have fun and use all the adults that are available during inquiry days to get assistance.