Look To Learn: Mrs Robie Planning Day

Think Puzzle Explore

Hello everyone and Welcome to Mrs Robie who is teaching you today. Here is an a picture of a very important burial place of a world leader names Mahatma Gandhi. He was an Indian peacemaker who believed in non violence in the world.

Today you will complete you Look and Learn about Mahatma Gandhi and find about who is and what your thoughts are of his memorial place. I was very lucky to visit this momumental place while I was in India and really want to share this with you all.

Please post your paragraph about what you find out about this great man in the comments to share with others in the unit and the Indian teachers who are following the Look and Learn tasks.

Have a great day,

From Mrs Joyce 🙂

1. Who is Mahatma Gandhi?

2. What do you think you know about this topic after you have researched? Write a paragraph about Gandhi

3. What questions or puzzles do you have?

4. How can you explore this topic?