Week 4 – Global issues

Photo Credit: Oxfam International via Compfight

Listening and watching the news over the last few days, I’ve heard about some real global issues affecting many of the countries represented here in the student blogging challenge.

This week’s activities relate to these topics:

Asylum seekers
Greenpeace and piracy charges
Government shutdown in USA
Human Rights – Blog Action Day – remember to publish your post on October 16
World Teachers Day – October 5th
World Habitat Day – October 7th
World Food Day – October 16th
a global issue affecting your country but not mentioned above
Activity 1

Imagine you are a journalist researching one of these topics. What are some of the questions you might ask someone you are interviewing? Remember questions start with

Try to find the answers to your questions by researching news articles. Remember some articles might be biased to one side of the topic, so check out articles for both sides of the debate. Check out some of the links in activity 4 to get information as well. Write a post as an imaginary interview. Include links back to the newspaper articles, websites or videos you used for information. Post here for Edublogs and Blogger and a video for Kidblog about linking.

Activity 2

Which of these topics affect your country? What is your government doing about it? If you are able, without getting into trouble, give your opinion of the topic and how it affects you as a student. What could you as a student or class do to help solve the problem?

Activity 3
Have you or your class ever held a fundraiser for a global issue? Write about it in a post. What was the event? What did you do? How much did you raise? How did you feel?

Activity 4

Check out some of the links on these pages about human rights and global issues. What did you find interesting? Something new you learnt? A myth busted?

Human rights – Australia
Re-think refugees – Australia
Refugee Agency – United Nations
Piracy charges – Greenpeace International
Refugee school – video by BTN on the ABC
Racism and children’s rights – video by BTN on ABC
Inside detention – video by BTN on ABC
Syria Kid – video by BTN on ABC – March 2013
Young refugee – video by BTN on ABC – Nov 2012
Activity 5

Do something about a global issue. Here are links to games and activities for kids about global issues. What did you choose to look at? Write a review in your post.

Do something about a global issue. Here are links to games and activities for kids about global issues. What did you choose to look at? Write a review in your post.

Kids go global – website
Free Rice – we have a group you can join here
Check out the habitat of two different cities – how does it compare with where you live? – primary/elementary students
Environmental Intelligence – traffic, trash and pollution – primary/elementary
Free the children – website
Generation On – make your mark on the world
Cyber schoolbus – United Nations
Youthink – stories and ideas of how youth are changing the world
Teacher resources – Global citizenship from Oxfam, Globalkids connect, Action Aid resources,

Still more time to spare – visit students and classes from the other countries involved in the challenge. Leave a comment or question relating to a global issue that might be affecting them.

Leave a comment on this blog telling Miss W. the global issue you think is most important to be solved. It might not be one of those mentioned in the post. Give reasons why it should be the first issue solved.