I could hear the fireworks near y house. Then I saw a bright light in the sky. I could hear a humongous fireworks in the darkness sky. I could see the fireworks going in the darkness about to exploded. Then I saw a bright light going to turn in a shape in the darkness sky. I could think of me sitting in my room by myself checking it out how many fireworks going on. I was having big a chat to about the fireworks but it was a no go zone. My friends came so mum said yes you can go so I was happy.

Jake C

I went to this nightmaris hourted house and the I saw a bright light. It was a ghost glowing in the dark with an old lanbern swinging in his horrendous skeleton hand. I had to get inside because I kicked the football through the window. I had to get back because it was my big brothers. He would be infuriated with me. So I rapidly ran home to get mums vacumcleaner. I ran back to the house and vacumed up the ghost after I got my brothers football. And but we next time we played in china on the football oval.