Look, Explain and Respond

Answer these on your Padlet sticky notes

1.   Name It. Name a feature or aspect of the picture that you notice.

2.   Explain It. What could it be? What role or function might it serve? Why might it be there 

3.   Give Reasons. What makes you say that? Or Why do you think it happened that way? 

After Mrs Whitehead Reads the Book:

Class must complete a response that includes:

  • Title, Author, SL1S
  • Choose the page that affected them the most and explain their feelings and what that page was about. ( All pictures are posted on the blog to look at and jolt your memory).
  • The Authors Message, with evidence.
  • Answer this Question – Do you think we live in a Perfect World? Why or Why not.

Refection: What would your perfect world look like?