The Lost Thing by Shaun Tan – Short Movie

LI: To view Media as a Reader

Hello 5/6J,

Mrs Joyce is in Melbourne today at her Bastow Leadership Course. This week we are looking at Media and how our thinking changes as we view the media as a reader.

I would like you to watch the short film by Shaun Tan – The Lost Thing. We will be using this film all week. Today I would like you to view the film, have your sticky notes ready to take some notes as you watch. I would like you to hone in on the character of ‘The Lost Thing’.

You will have an A3 Graphic Organiser I would like you to complete for me. Tomorrow when I return, we will use the information you record as the centre of Tuesdays crafting session. Work Hard and do not take any short cuts. I am looking for deep thinking and would like to see the character traits answers posted as a comment that I will check on in my lunch break.

Have a great day and look after Mrs Lovell and Mr Allen. See you all Tuesday and remember I have checked blog comments and rated them out of 6 and I would hope everyone has completed their Maths Homework for me to mark.


Mrs Joyce