Holiday Prompt #3
Posted on 18/08/2013 by 5sc1

Congratulations to all of you listed here. If you would like a Special Showcase badge for your blog do get in touch!

Jack in Yr.4 at CPS Cromwell, New Zealand

Jayden in Yr.7 at Waikanae Primary, New Zealand

Dylan in Yr.6 at Copacabana Public School, NSW, Australia

Claudia in Yr.8 at Pukerua School, New Zealand

Isabella in Yr.7 School, at New Zealand

Goron George’s Cave

Zac at The Junction, NSW, Australia

Ashlee at Liddiard Road, Traralgon, Australia

Charles in Yr.4 at Yetman PS, NSW, Australia

Chris in Yr.7 at St Andrews, Adelaide, Australia

Bella at The Junction NSW, Australia

Jack in Yr.5 at Timbumburi PS, Tamworth, NSW, Australia

Heidie at Liddiard Road School, Victoria, Australia

Ajia in Yr.4 at CPS Cromwell, NZ

Tristan in Yr.6 at Copacabana School,

7P Lachlan, SAS