Fractions Using Resources Around Our School

The picture above shows the Learning Intention and Success Criteria that were introduced to the students at the start of our maths session for the day.

The session was focussed on fraction lines. We used the fences outside as they were already in a line and in equal parts. Once it became top windy we moved back inside and used various parts of the unit building to continue with our session.

After the hands on activity, we moved back into the class and the students drew their own fraction lines in their books. When completing this part of the lesson, students were required to ensure that they used equal parts on their lines.

Many students took their fraction lines a step further and included decimals and percentages for each of the fractions on their lines.

This session was a great success! Students were interactive in their learning and demonstrated a much better understanding of fraction lines during this session than they had during their start of term maths tests. We addressed mixed, improper and equivalent fractions, all of which have been covered in the last 3 weeks and it was apparent that the majority of the students exhibited a greater understanding of each of these types of fractions by the end of the lesson.