Woolves In The Sitee by Margaret Wild

Learning Intention

To be able to make predictions about events in a text from looking at the cover and illustrations.


What has happened to tear society apart we are not told in this dark picture book for older readers. Wild’s writing creates the voice which makes its strangeness credible, and spudvilas’ strengths in portraiture create the two main characters in charcoal lifework which pushes aggressively across the page, and then is given shape with energetic shading. There is great beauty within the fear, and many interpretations suggested and possible.

Woolvs in the Sitee

Looking at the cover

How do you feel when you look at the cover?
What kind of book might it be?
What does the cover make you think of?
What reaction do you have to the way the words are written? To the way the words are spelt?
Do you notice anything special about the texture of the cover? The colour and finish is very glossy, but the edge where the orange and black meet is very rough. What effect does this have?