Team Weather here is ‘The Changing Earth’ Checklist for Term 3 Inquiry


5/6 Unit Inquiry Checklist Term 3 2013 – The Changing Earth





Inquiry Question:

Open-ended question which you and your group can inquire about. You must have conferenced with your teacher about the question.

Mind Map:

Exploring the topic in your room and having a focus on your chosen topic. Headings, subheadings and detailed information.


Seed must contain all information required for the writing piece. Must show evidence of research. Seed must be detailed.

Writing Piece:

Must include a heading, sub-heading and detailed information. All information must come from seed in notebook. Must be in your own words. Must be presented in Glogster with relevant pictures.


Must include images and information about topic. Should have different pages with relevant topics and headings. Should look professional and contain detailed information in your own words.

Science Experiment Design:

Must be accurate and show exactly how the science experiment is going to work. It must be labelled, colour and detailed.

Science Experiment:

Your science experiment must be related to your inquiry question. It also needs to represent some of your learning from this term. If you have Googled an experiment, you must change something about it to make it your own experiment.

Science Report:

Must contain: title, introduction, hypothesis, materials, procedure, results and conclusion. Must be written up as a proper science report.


Use the flip cameras or the iPads to create a video demonstrating your knowledge about your chosen topic. Be creative!


This contains the sources, for example, websites, books, etc. where you got all your information from. We will not tolerate copy and pasting your information.