5/6J you continue to make me proud. You 100 words writing just keeps getting better.


Ben’s 100wc

Gasping for air, sweat running down my forehead! That mutt and the smell of dead fish is getting closer every time I look around! And right now he’s ON MY TAIL! The growing is like the roar of a lawn-mower! My foot suddenly SMACKS! against a rock! My body soon pounds to the ground! I am crawling away as fast as I can! The dog, creeping up closer! My heart was beating incredibly fast! Slobber runs down his chin! My mouth went num, My stomach is upside down! Will I die, Will I be chum I don’t know but I am not looking forward to the ugly future ahead!

Luke’s 100wc

My heart was beating incredibly fast when I was running as fast as I could in the 1 day running marathon, as I was running I was huffing and puffing, I felt like I was going to pass out while I was running the humongous race. As I was up in the front group of people still running as fast as I could around the final corner then onto the longest straight I had ever seen in my whole life I started to a stitch, it felt like getting hit by a train but I couldn’t give up or else I would loose the race.


Heidie’s 100wc

On a hot summers day, I couldn’t breathe, it was too hot to say, that I accidentally smashed my mothers favourite antique pot to my mum. As it replays back in my mind, I wish I were blind so I couldn’t see the mess I had made. My heart is beating incredibly fast, as the time goes past, I forget all about the mess. But suddenly I remember that it’s December, and mum needs her pot to cook for Christmas. So I get a book, to teach me how to get. It together again.  My mum comes in, I feel very thin, and her face goes red as a cherry! Who did that? I say.